CHASKEE Ambassador Janne William Wetzel am Eiger Ultratrail 2018

Booom! Even tho I freaking earned this medal with close to 90k and 6k climb (55.92mi- 20k ft) I still feel like its incomplete. I have never had a stronger, smarter run before up until 75k (46.6mi) it could not have been any better. I crushed all the climbs, ran great downhill and only 25k and 700m climb left, when a crazy mountain-thunderstorm hit us. Lightnings so close you could grab them. – Race got paused and we got „parked“ for two hours in a bunker-like room, I was wet and starting to freeze, my lips turned blue and I was shaking. – Everything was shit. – At one point, we had to hike down to a gathering point where the race got „started“ again on a shortened distance – but with no relevant finishing time – ranking whatsoever. From there on, I suffered. Like massively. My legs were cold and cramped up, my stomach got super bad and the last 15k I ran on mental energy only. Yes. Yes, I finished, I got a medal, the timeout, the long fast downhill and the last climb made us earn the medal. But I can honestly say: I am shattered, frustrated and feel like I got taken away something, because I would have ran into top 100 I am very sure. – Never the less, the race organisation was outstanding, the people from @eigerultratrail are absolutely amazing – and I am, after all, happy with my performance… – This will take some serious recovery time. – Thank all of you for following this mad day, thank all of you for your messages. – Swan pants are king pants. – #ultrarunning #running #eigerultratrail #mountainrunning #grindelwald #switzerland #swanpants #followyourheart #followyourdreams

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